Mistakes Happen: Get a DUI Lawyer

If you need a DUI lawyer in Chicago, Cook County, you might be able to relate to one of these two stories:

John was driving home late at night. Yes, he did have two beers earlier in the night. No, it wasn’t within two hours of getting behind the wheel. He waited at least two hours to leave the party, and he drank several glasses of water before deciding to head back home. As he was pulling into his neighborhood, he noticed that he was feeling a little bit more tired than he should be while behind the wheel. He hit a stop sign, gave it a quick pause, then hit the accelerator pedal to keep on trudging on. He was only three blocks away from home. The next thing he noticed were red and blue lights filling his car. The police officer pulled him over for a rolling stop, ran a sobriety test, and found that he was over the limit. John knew this couldn’t be true! He had to contest this! It had to be a mistake.


Mary went home after her friends party. She drove, even though she really should not have driven. It was a mistake, and she wound up getting pulled over, arrested, and charged with DUI.

Two different mistakes. Two different stories. Whether this is your story are not, there are a lot of in-betweens, but there are no in-betweens when it comes to being convicted and faced with punishments.

David M. Smith is the qualified DUI lawyer you need to help guide you through these types of tense and life-changing situations. If you feel you have been wrongfully charged with a DUI, David will help you contest the record and fight your charges. If you have been convicted and face sentencing, David will help you fight for the best possible outcome so that your livelihood is not compromised. There are ways to help alleviate the strength of the punishments that you face. You do not want to take the risk of doing this without the assistance of a lawyer with the experience needed to defend your rights.

The Best Driving Under Influence Lawyer in Chicago

Getting a DUI was not part of the plan this weekend. You thought you had everything under control; you had let your buzz die down, and you were all ready to head back home. You’ve never been hassled by the police before, and you were leaving at a time that was not close to the end of happy hour or last call. You thought you had all the bases covered, and your path home was cleared. Turns out you were wrong about almost all of that.

Drinking and driving is a dangerous mix. Under the worst of circumstances, it can directly lead to the loss of your life or someone else’s life. Your vision, motor skills, and sense of reasoning are impaired. Your ability to operate a motor vehicle is inhibited. The reason the laws are set and the punishments are firm against driving under the influence in all 50 states is because it is not safe and hazardous to human life.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, then you need to find the best driving under the influence lawyer that you can to represent your best interests. Some people feel they have been unfairly accused of driving under the influence, which very well is the case when police officers misjudge the situation or rely upon faulty sobriety checking equipment. Other people did make the mistake but cannot afford to face the most severe consequences, as it could affect their livelihood to the point where their personal life runs out of control.

What makes David M. Smith the best driving under the influence lawyer in Chicago?

He has a solid record of success with a broad range of clients in a wide variety of situations because of his expertise in the field of driving under the influence defense. When you are facing this situation, having someone with David’s acumen on your side is vital to secure your best interests and prevent you from facing the worst circumstances surrounding your DUI arrest.

For more information as to how to move forward with this situation, contact David M. Smith, Attorney at Law today.

Drug Delivery Attorney in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

John was facing a tough time in his life. He lost his job a few weeks ago and he was looking for ways to make ends meet before his unemployment checks kick in. He was not looking for a drug delivery attorney, or for any problems that would lead him to need one. He was calling all sorts of friends and acquaintances to help him find a job, even if it was a one-time day job. The reason he was scrapping to get some quick cash was because the same day he lost his job, he found out he needed to have some costly dental work.

One of John’s old high school buddies told him he had something that would make him some quick and easy side money. All he had to do was make a couple deliveries throughout the day, and he would be paid in cash at the end of the day. Considering the pain that was developing in his tooth and the bills that were starting to pile up, worn and weary John decided to go for it without asking too many questions. Quick and easy money was all he needed to hear.

Unfortunately for John, he did not know that his old high school buddy had acquainted himself with a drug operation, and he had unwittingly placed John in the path of a sting operation meant to uncover the ring. John was placed under arrest, and the box he was delivering was seized. Much to his dismay, the box was carrying illegal narcotic substances.

It is not uncommon for people to find themselves caught in a deceptive web like John, with the sole ambition of getting ahold of some cash. David M. Smith is a drug delivery attorney in Chicago, Cook County, who has helped countless people fight and successfully defend drug delivery charges. It is vital that you seek David’s help in these types of situations, as the consequences can be firm enough to destroy your life. Don’t fall victim to someone else’s intentional criminal activity, and defend your rights today!