Top Criminal Defense Lawyer in Chicago

If you have been arrested or accused of a crime in Chicago or elsewhere in Cook County, you are likely in a state of emotional discontent – fear, anxiety, and confusion are likely to be swelling emotions in your life at the moment. We thoroughly understand! Consequences that follow criminal charges can be harsh, including prison time and hefty fines. Your life could be changed forever, for the negative. To combat this possibility, you need a top criminal defense lawyer.

First of all, if this is indeed your circumstance, the foremost advice is remain silent. If you are being pressured by law enforcement officials to divulge information that you do not have, you have every right to remain silent and request to speak with a lawyer. All too often, there have been cases of officers attempting to push the limits in situations like these and use statements that they scare out of people before they are given access to their legal representatives. Don’t let this happen to you!

For example, in one case, a man was taken into custody for robbing a local liquor store. He maintained his innocence, but he was frightened by the situation and did not know what to do. The pressure of being interrogated by officers who were trying to force him to admit his guilt by throwing threats about long prison terms his way was too much for him to handle. Even though he was nowhere near the scene of the crime, this man’s fear led him to admit guilt to an offence he did not even commit. As a result, he spent time in jail, lost hard-earned money, and ended up dealing with a criminal conviction on his record for the rest of his life. It was a complete injustice!

Don’t fall victim to unwarranted police pressure! These things happen all too often, and many helpless victims suffer from the dire consequences. David M. Smith is a top criminal defense lawyer in Chicago, Cook County, who has helped many clients fight their criminal charges or secure the best possible outcome for their situations.

If You Think You Might Need a Criminal Attorney, Then Hire a Criminal Attorney

It was four in the morning on a weekday. The last thing you had expected before you drifted off to sleep earlier that night is that you would be awoken at this time by a pounding on your door. Scared, you climbed out of bed and groggily slipped on some clothing. Your dog began barking incessantly, and you tripped over a sneaker on the way to the door. The pounding sounded frantic, so you moved a little faster than usual, thinking that something might be wrong with a neighbor or friend. Expecting to receive a familiar face, you were surprised to open the door to blinking blue and red lights and some uniformed officers. Without so much as a chance to let out a yawn, you were placed in handcuffs and escorted to the police cruiser. Was this all part of a horrible dream?

This might not represent your exact situation, but many people have faced similar situations of being greeted with the metal shackles of a law enforcement officer without fulling understanding why. Being accused of crimes you did not commit can cause a lot of confusion and even more worry. Aside from causing deep emotional confusion, criminal charges can carry the weight of affecting your job, personal relationships, and livelihood.

David M. Smith is a criminal attorney in Chicago who has helped countless victims of wrongful criminal charges fight for their rights and defend their future. If you have been accused of a crime that you did not commit, you do not want to take on the risk of being charged and convicted. The punishments for criminal charges can even lead to time in jail. You can make all the difference in protecting your future by enlisting the legal guidance of David M. Smith, who has spent many years defending countless people in a similar situation as yourself.

David is committed to representing you in court and fighting for your rights. Do not let someone else’s crime or mistake cost you valuable money or time in your life.

Getting Yourself Back Behind the Wheels with a Driving Revoked Attorney

Late last month, John’s wife had the unfortunate responsibility of getting to tell him, “I told you so.” He went out to “have a few drinks” with some of his high school friends. She told him to either limit it to only two beers or he should call an Uber to get himself home. He assured her he wouldn’t drink more than two, and even if he did, he could drive better than any of those Uber drivers. She told him not to kid around and listen to what she had said.

John went out and met with his high school buddies at one of their old watering holes. Naturally, after sprinting down memory lane with people who he grew up with, a few drinks evolved into a few shots, then a few more drinks, and then a drunken stumble over to the old hot dog stand on the corner for some hot dogs. Another memorable night of laughter and getting sloshed with the boys!

When it came time for them to part ways, John threw back a bottle of water, did a couple jumping jacks, then hopped into the front seat. “You got this,” he whispered to himself.

Later in the morning, John’s wife picked up the phone, paused before speaking, and sadly said, “I told you so,” before John could even say a word.

Now, three months later, John is having a tough time getting to work on time, which is compromising his stability in that position and his productivity, as he has to wake up a full 2 hours earlier to catch the right bus to get there on time. This is turning out to be far more than he had bargained for when he was sitting there telling himself that he had things under control.

David M. Smith is a reputable driving revoked attorney in Chicago who helps people like John get back behind the wheels so that they can add convenience to their lives to get to and from work so as to not further compromise their livelihoods. There are various reasons why driving licenses are revoked. For any of these reasons, you should enlist the help of a driving revoked attorney to best help you navigate the legal processes and secure your right to get back behind the wheel when you need it most.

A Drug Lawyer Can Prevent You From Much Detriment

Harold borrowed his friend’s cousin’s truck so that he could pick up a used piece of furniture he had purchased on the internet. Coming from the inner city, Harold didn’t have the money to rent a moving truck, so he had no other way to get his new purchase than fall back on the kindness of his friend. On his way to get the item, Harold was pulled over by a police officer because the truck was not registered. Immediately, he is regretting borrowing the truck without checking to see if anything would be an issue, but he just didn’t imagine that anything could go wrong. After all, he was just picking up a bed frame!

He was already feeling the heat since he was driving an unregistered truck that was not in his name. As he explained the situation to the officer, the law enforcement official detected that Harold was nervous about something. He asked Harold to step out of the vehicle so that he could inspect it. What happened next was something that Harold would never forget. The officer reached behind the front seat and pulled out a large bag of a white substance.

The world swirled around Harold as he tried to utter the words that could explain that he was not the owner of that bag!

Harold, like many other people who find themselves in similarly twisted situations, needed the immediate assistance of a drug lawyer. These types of things happen all the time and the wrong people end up getting convicted, sometimes with heavy fines and prison time, for possession or distribution charges that they did not commit!

David M. Smith is an experienced drug lawyer in Chicago who has helped people like Harold to defend their rights and save themselves from the severe burden of being charged with crimes they had no connection with. A drug lawyer can make all the difference! If you or a loved one need a drug lawyer in Cook County or Chicago, contact David M. Smith, Attorney at Law today and start building up the case to defend your rights and future!

What Makes a Criminal Attorney the Best Criminal Attorney?

You’re looking for a criminal attorney, so naturally you want to find the best criminal attorney, right? We don’t blame you. However, one of the difficulties people have in finding a legal representative is deciding just who is the best. How can you tell?

First of all, you are going to want to understand the spectrum of their experience. What types of criminal cases does the criminal attorney take on? How successful have they been? How well can they help you figure out how to present your case and defend your rights?

These are all valid and necessary questions!

We want to let you know that the best criminal attorney in Chicago and Cook County is David M. Smith.

We stand by that statement because the answers to all of those necessary and vital questions are all just what you need to expect in the best.

David takes on criminal defense cases of all types:


  • Murder
  • Burglary
  • Vehicular Hijacking
  • Kidnapping
  • Robbery
  • Violent Crimes
  • Weapons Offenses
  • Computer Crime/Sex Offenses
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Charges
  • DUI


  • Assault and Battery
  • Probation Violations
  • Retail Theft or Shoplifting
  • Juvenile Offenses
  • White Collar Crimes – Examples. Fraud / Embezzlement
  • Expungements and Record Sealing
  • Jail Visits
  • Police Interrogation Intervention

David’s recent case files all point in the direction you’d expect them to to demonstrate that he’s the best. You want to see these types of results to secure the confidence that you are making the right decision about who you want on your side, fighting alongside you to make sure you have a future ahead of you.

David M. Smith, the best criminal attorney that you need, is well-experienced in passionate defense of his clients. He will get to know you and your story and leverage his vast knowledge and experience in the criminal defense field to help raise the probability of successful defense against your charges.

If you are looking for a criminal attorney who stands above the rest, contact David M. Smith, Attorney at Law today, and protect your best interests.