Has Your Child Been Charged with Juvenile Offense Crimes in Chicago? What You Need to Know

The reality has finally hit you – your child is going to court. Youreceived a summons for your child’s court date for a felony or misdemeanor – so what are the next steps?In Chicago and Cook County, juvenile crime courts follow different protocols than the protocols in adult courts. The main objective for juvenile justice courts, if your child is convicted, is to provide restorative justice options that will give your child the opportunity to grow from their experiences without permanent penalties.

Of course, there are still many issues to consider when your child goes through the juvenile justice process – did you know that certain factors can lead your child to be tried as an adult? Or that your child will still have a record of their conviction that may impact their professional lives? It is necessary to have a juvenile offenses defense attorney to inform you of everything that you need to know about the process and the aftermath of a juvenile offenses trial.

After a delinquency petition has been filed, which is a form indicating that the court is alleging that your child has committed a crime, there are diversion options you can choose that would allow your child to avoid a trial. For those minors who have committed crimes that are not Class X or Class 1 felonies, one type of a restorative justice program could offer “continuance under supervision” where your child will follow guidelines of the program and check in with a probation officer. Once the diversion program is completed, your child will not be an adjudicated delinquent – which means your child will be eligible for expungement of the crime from their record. Another diversion program is “court supervision” where the court themselves specifically determine the conditions that your child must meet in order tonot receive a conviction. The difference with this program is that your child will not need to be monitored by a probation officer.

With programs such as these, and having an experienced Chicago juvenile offenses attorney such as David M. Smith, your child’s future will be as bright as ever.

Charged with a First Offense DUI in Chicago? How to Overcome the Consequences of One Mistake

You may have had a few drinks, and without thinking much of it, decided to drive home. This was a mistake. As you recount the events of that night – the pulling over, the blood alcohol concentration of over .08 percent, the license suspension – you begin franticallysearching for answers. How do you prevent one mistake from completely changing your life?

The repercussions of a 1st offense DUI are minor compared to those of multiple DUI offenses; however, there are still repercussions that you need to be well aware of. In Chicago and elsewhere in Cook county, there will be fines that cost up to $2,500 as well as up to a year of license suspension. Depending on the circumstances of the case, you may be sentenced to jail for up to a year.

Your first task after receiving a license suspension is to have an attorney submit a petition to prevent the license suspension within 45 days of the initial suspension.

In regards to your 1stoffense DUI case, there are multiple factors to consider. Mainly, an experienced defense attorney will question the validity of the blood alcohol concentration test. You may also want to look at your case in depth to analyze the legality of the encounter with the police officerincluding probable cause, proper screening, coercion, unlawful detention, failure to conduct observation period, private property laws, etc. With careful search, you and your DUI attorney will be able to build a strong case to contest your charges.

In the case that you are convicted – there are options that will make your life easier during the license suspension. For 1stoffense DUIs, individuals have the opportunity to apply for a Monitoring Device Driving Permit within 31 days after the official license suspension. With this, you will need to install a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device within 14 days of receiving your MDDP.

All things considered, it is important to have a seasoned Chicago1st offense DUI defense attorney to provide the aid you need to approach your trial with the tools to succeed.

Charged with a Felony? How to Avoid Conviction in Chicago

One mistakeis enough to convict you of a felony. In Chicago and elsewhere in Cook County, being charged with a felony feels as if all the doors to future opportunities have been permanently closed. Some conviction penalties includelarge fines, difficulties in finding employment, incarceration, and the death penalty. Even worse, if the jury finds aggravated factors in your case, your penalties can increase exponentially. Without a doubt, the repercussions of a felony conviction can change every aspect of your and your family’s life.

Although being charged with a felony can be emotionally draining, the best solution to countering a felony charge is to think of your situation as a math equation. The right variables need to be in place in order for your court trial to end in a “not guilty” or a plea bargain. The first and most important variable in your equationis to get the most experienced felony charges defense attorney in Cook County, Chicago. Having an attorney with years of knowledge and strategy will make a large difference in the outcome of your trial.

The other variables include general knowledge of felony programsas well as understanding your own criminal background. Some counties, including Cook County, have programs such as the Bad Check Restitution Program. This program, in particular, is if the felony charge was based on an individual taking money, such as through a credit card.  In those cases, a person can avoid conviction by taking mandatory classes and paying the stolen money back. This option is available to individuals who do not have any previous criminal background. Consulting a felony charges defense attorney will better enable you to understand all of the options available to you.

Even if a plea bargain or restitution program is not right the path for you – you have the opportunity to defend your caseat a court trial. Keep in mind: It is the burden of the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. With a Chicago,felony charges defense attorney, such as David M. Smith, you already have the advantage in the courtroom.

The Truth About Drug Charge Convictions in Chicago

Our television screensare congested with up-to-date information on cases such as homicides, murders, and hit-and-runs. InCook Countyas well as the rest ofChicago, we know that being convicted of these crimes has the potential to drastically alterthe lives of the defendants as well as their families. It would seem that, in comparison, a drug charge is a common and even minor offense; however, the consequences can be just as devastating.

A conviction for drug possession with drugs such as heroin or cocaine can result in spending decades in jail,depending on the amount that was found as well as the intent of use. For instance, the penalties drastically increase if the prosecution proves that the drugs were also intended for selling purposes. Further repercussions such as future employment, traveling abilities, college admission, and student loanscan create insurmountable difficulties for those convicted. With such hefty consequences for drug charge convictions, having a skillful drug charges defense attorney can provide the support needed to prevent or lessen the penalties incurred as a result of a conviction.

Although it can feel hopeless when being charged with drug possession or another drug-related charge, there is a way to protect yourself. There are two factors that are taken into account before a drug charge conviction can be made – admissibility and lab results. In regards to admissibility, you need to carefully analyze the situation in which the officer found the drugs on your person. Did the officer have probable cause to go through your possessions or self? During your trial, a drug charges defense attorney would be able to contest admissibility in court, and therefore, your charges may be dropped. With lab results, you can contest the lab result which would takeadditionaltime further extending thetrial and could lead to the prosecution dropping the case or lesser penalties.

Don’t forget: there is a way to succeed. Get a successful Cook County,Chicago drug charges defense attorney like David M. Smith, Attorney at Law, to navigate the difficulties involved in a drug charges case.