Avoiding a Theft Conviction: Programs in Cook County That You Need to Know About

Whether committing theft stems from a sudden impulse or a desperate moment, the consequences of a theft conviction are as suffocating as having an albatross around your neck – the financial, social, and psychological burden can stay with you throughout your life.  The penalties that result from a theft conviction differ depending on whether the theft is considered a misdemeanor, which is stolen property valued at less than $300, or a felony charge, which can range from $300 to $10,000. In Cook County, Chicago, a variety of factors are taken into consideration when determining if the defendant is guilty or what type of penalties the defendant will receive from a conviction. With such complexities taking place during a theft case, it is essential to get a successful theft charges defense lawyer to provide the best possible outcome for you in the courtroom.

The key to preventing a theft conviction is to know the programs that are available for first-time offenders or minor crimes. In Cook County, the First Offender Program was enacted in 2013 where first-time offenders are placed in a probationary program instead of getting a conviction. In this respect, the theft charge will not appear on your record and thus will not prevent future employment opportunities. Similarly, the Deferred Prosecution Program gives first-time offenders of non-violent felonies the ability to avoid a conviction by participating in a twelve-month program where all requirements must be met to prevent a conviction. With these programs, however, there is an application process involved where you must receive a referral and pay fees in order to apply to the program. In this regard, it is important that you have an experiencedCook County,Chicagotheft charges defense lawyer to help navigate the complicated processes of applying and being accepted into these programs.

By finding the right theft charges defense lawyer, like David M. Smith, you’ll finally be able to release your albatross and leave the past where it belongs – behind you.

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