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If You Think You Might Need a Criminal Attorney, Then Hire a Criminal Attorney

It was four in the morning on a weekday. The last thing you had expected before you drifted off to sleep earlier that night is that you would be awoken at this time by a pounding on your door. Scared, you climbed out of bed and groggily slipped on some clothing. Your dog began barking incessantly, and you tripped over a sneaker on the way to the door. The pounding sounded frantic, so you moved a little faster than usual, thinking that something might be wrong with a neighbor or friend. Expecting to receive a familiar face, you were surprised to open the door to blinking blue and red lights and some uniformed officers. Without so much as a chance to let out a yawn, you were placed in handcuffs and escorted to the police cruiser. Was this all part of a horrible dream?

This might not represent your exact situation, but many people have faced similar situations of being greeted with the metal shackles of a law enforcement officer without fulling understanding why. Being accused of crimes you did not commit can cause a lot of confusion and even more worry. Aside from causing deep emotional confusion, criminal charges can carry the weight of affecting your job, personal relationships, and livelihood.

David M. Smith is a criminal attorney in Chicago who has helped countless victims of wrongful criminal charges fight for their rights and defend their future. If you have been accused of a crime that you did not commit, you do not want to take on the risk of being charged and convicted. The punishments for criminal charges can even lead to time in jail. You can make all the difference in protecting your future by enlisting the legal guidance of David M. Smith, who has spent many years defending countless people in a similar situation as yourself.

David is committed to representing you in court and fighting for your rights. Do not let someone else’s crime or mistake cost you valuable money or time in your life.