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Drug Possession Attorney in Chicago and Cook County

Martin’s teenage child has been walking home with a new group of friends for the past couple weeks. Naturally, Martin felt happy that his son was hanging out with some new faces and expanding his social circle. The other boys in the group seemed to be nice and upstanding, so he didn’t worry too much about it. He never suspected that he might one day need to look for the help of a drug possession attorney to help him figure out how to manage his son’s circumstances and, ultimately, his future.

It turns out that the new group of boys he was hanging out with were part of a ring of drug dealers that were students at his high school. They were hanging out with Martin’s son to use him as a carrier. They would tell him to take bags to different students and he naively followed along, thinking he was doing a favor for a new group of friends. The school’s director eventually learned about the operation, and the person who ended up taking the fall was the one who had the drugs in his possession: Martin’s son.

Perhaps the situation that you are facing (or someone you love) is slightly similar or vastly different. Drug possession charges can spring up from a variety of reasons. The point to keep in mind is that these charges can lead to very serious convictions that are coupled with severe punishments. Whatever your situation could be, you need to seek the guidance of a qualified legal representative.

David M. Smith is a drug possession attorney in Chicago that has taken on many cases and helped countless folks like yourself fight the charges and defend their futures. Considering the fines and prison terms that can result from convictions on drug possession charges, you do not want to take any risks in getting the right advice and the professional defense of a lawyer like David M. Smith on your side. Call today and find out more about how he can help you.

A Drug Lawyer Can Prevent You From Much Detriment

Harold borrowed his friend’s cousin’s truck so that he could pick up a used piece of furniture he had purchased on the internet. Coming from the inner city, Harold didn’t have the money to rent a moving truck, so he had no other way to get his new purchase than fall back on the kindness of his friend. On his way to get the item, Harold was pulled over by a police officer because the truck was not registered. Immediately, he is regretting borrowing the truck without checking to see if anything would be an issue, but he just didn’t imagine that anything could go wrong. After all, he was just picking up a bed frame!

He was already feeling the heat since he was driving an unregistered truck that was not in his name. As he explained the situation to the officer, the law enforcement official detected that Harold was nervous about something. He asked Harold to step out of the vehicle so that he could inspect it. What happened next was something that Harold would never forget. The officer reached behind the front seat and pulled out a large bag of a white substance.

The world swirled around Harold as he tried to utter the words that could explain that he was not the owner of that bag!

Harold, like many other people who find themselves in similarly twisted situations, needed the immediate assistance of a drug lawyer. These types of things happen all the time and the wrong people end up getting convicted, sometimes with heavy fines and prison time, for possession or distribution charges that they did not commit!

David M. Smith is an experienced drug lawyer in Chicago who has helped people like Harold to defend their rights and save themselves from the severe burden of being charged with crimes they had no connection with. A drug lawyer can make all the difference! If you or a loved one need a drug lawyer in Cook County or Chicago, contact David M. Smith, Attorney at Law today and start building up the case to defend your rights and future!

Drug Delivery Attorney in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

John was facing a tough time in his life. He lost his job a few weeks ago and he was looking for ways to make ends meet before his unemployment checks kick in. He was not looking for a drug delivery attorney, or for any problems that would lead him to need one. He was calling all sorts of friends and acquaintances to help him find a job, even if it was a one-time day job. The reason he was scrapping to get some quick cash was because the same day he lost his job, he found out he needed to have some costly dental work.

One of John’s old high school buddies told him he had something that would make him some quick and easy side money. All he had to do was make a couple deliveries throughout the day, and he would be paid in cash at the end of the day. Considering the pain that was developing in his tooth and the bills that were starting to pile up, worn and weary John decided to go for it without asking too many questions. Quick and easy money was all he needed to hear.

Unfortunately for John, he did not know that his old high school buddy had acquainted himself with a drug operation, and he had unwittingly placed John in the path of a sting operation meant to uncover the ring. John was placed under arrest, and the box he was delivering was seized. Much to his dismay, the box was carrying illegal narcotic substances.

It is not uncommon for people to find themselves caught in a deceptive web like John, with the sole ambition of getting ahold of some cash. David M. Smith is a drug delivery attorney in Chicago, Cook County, who has helped countless people fight and successfully defend drug delivery charges. It is vital that you seek David’s help in these types of situations, as the consequences can be firm enough to destroy your life. Don’t fall victim to someone else’s intentional criminal activity, and defend your rights today!