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Sex Abuse Lawyer in Chicago

Imagine being in the following situation:

You are a registered sex offender on the national database. This means any person can look online and find your photo in the sex offender database and see a vague description of what you did to get on the list. This is humiliating. Now imagine that one of your neighbors happened to be looking through the registry, and they found your name, photo, address, and crime. They, wanting to be a vigilant neighbor for all of the others, decided to print out and make copies of your profile. They went door to door and even shared photos of it on Facebook. Your local reputation soon turned so sour that you couldn’t walk down the street or go to any local shops without being harassed and ridiculed.

Now imagine that you are in that situation, and you are not guilty of the crime that you were convicted of. That is even more humiliating.

These types of situations, unfortunately, do occur and cause unimaginable distress in the lives of people who have been framed or wrongfully accused of sexual acts.

David M. Smith is a sex abuse lawyer in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, who has handled many cases where people’s livelihoods are compromised by such accusations. Even the fact that they have been accused of sex abuse is enough to alter the way people in the community look at and treat people. Don’t let this type of embarrassing and life-altering experience affect you in the worst ways possible.

Contact the law office of David M. Smith today and find out more about how this qualified, experienced sex abuse lawyer can help you develop and present your defense to preserve your reputation and fight for the best possible outcome considering the heaviness of these charges. The punishments for these crimes are extreme. Don’t let yourself fall victim to the unwarranted accusation of people who might have a vendetta to take you down or make your life miserable. David M. Smith, Attorney at Law, will help you understand your situation and defend you like no one else can!

Fighting the Charge: Hire a Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sexual assault is a serious crime. This crime is committed when a perpetrator forces a person into sexual acts such as intercourse, groping, sexual torture, child abuse, and more. These types of crimes place the perpetrators in a position of facing serious charges, such as lengthy prison time and a lifelong mark on their record as a registered sex offender. A registered sex offender can have a tough time reintegrating into society because the information is public, and they have to inform neighbors and employers of their past.

As you can imagine, the punishments for these crimes are severe.  However, there are times where injustice plays a role in such punishments.

Believe it or not, there are people who file sex assault charges against others as a form of enacting revenge. All too often, when resources are limited, we see disgruntled employees or former lovers file sex assault charges. They sometimes do this to either enact revenge or get some monetary settlement out of the accused. While the crime itself is heinous, so is the crime of accusing someone of something they didn’t do – especially something that can have such long-lasting and life destroying effects!

Another case of injustice occurs when people are wrongfully identified as the perpetrators of a sex assault crime. This unfortunate occurrence does happen from time to time as well.

In either situation, the best thing the person can do in their defense is to hire a qualified sex assault lawyer to help them combat such charges.

David M. Smith is a sex assault lawyer in Chicago who has helped many people climb out of these frightening, stressful, and extremely precarious situations. It is unfair to serve time or punishment for a crime you did not commit. If the crime you are being accused of is something so earth-shaking as a sex assault crime, then you should waste absolutely no time in contacting this qualified sex assault lawyer today and securing your rights and your future.