White Collar Crimes in Chicago: How to Protect Yourself

Temptationis an inherent part of the human condition. People that are accused of white collar crimes are simply just people that made a mistake in a moment of weakness. However, the severity of the consequences has the potential to dramatically impact a person’s life.

White collar crimes are a category of crimes that include: forgery, wild fraud, money laundering, fraud, Ponzi schemes, embezzlement, credit card theft, and identity theft. In Chicago and elsewhere in Cook County, each crime is a Class 1 felony – resulting in 4 to 16 years in prison without the opportunity for parole. Even worse, the penalties of a white collar crime conviction directly correlate to the amount of money or financial assets allegedly stolen. Even if a jail sentence can be avoided, the repercussions of a conviction would destroy a person’s professional life – both in getting hired and being placed in a position of trust.

The best white collar crimes defense is to get the most seasoned white collar criminal defense attorney in Chicago and Cook County. They will use their experience to prepare a strategic line of defense that will poke holes in the prosecution’s claims. For instance, the prosecution of white collar crimes will have an investigation using documentation in order to prove any sort of illegal activity to charge the defendant with. This is considered a “paper trail.” In order to best confront these investigations, it is important to get an experienced and successful defense attorney – and fast.

Chicago white collar crime defense attorneys, like David M. Smith, will use strategies that they have cultivatedthroughout their careers to limit the prosecution’s ability to investigate – especially if they do not have a warrant. Another important factor to consider when preparing your own defense is that document-based trails can be extremely complicated – having a line of defense that includes the defendant’s documentation to show innocence may be enough to have the trial dismissed. In light of this, having a white collar crimes defense attorney and strategy are the best tools to avoid a conviction.

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