Arrested For a Juvenile Crime ?

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Unfortunately, in my many years of practicing law, I have seen how harshly juveniles can be treated in the eyes of the law if they commit a crime. Relatively minor crimes such as shoplifting, drug and alcohol possession, vandalism, simple assault and other similar offenses carry place a great deal of stress on the child and their family.

That’s why, even for minors, charges against them should be viewed with just as much concern as those filed against someone who is an adult. It can be especially unnerving for an adult to watch their child have to go through the court system, many times before they are even able to fully understand the implications of their actions. For parents who try to do everything they can to make sure their children become productive members of society, the effects of an arrest can be devastating.

The important thing for families to realize is that with the help of an experienced attorney, the effects of an arrest do not have to be a permanent stain on the their child’s record. Depending on circumstances, many times I have been able to negotiate serious charges for first-time offenders to lesser charges or even to have certain charges dropped in favor of rehabilitation or probation, instead of referring cases to an adult court. This is the key to avoiding harsher penalties and longer jail sentences.

Because the courts can act differently with each juvenile case, I am comfortable and ready to defend minors both in juvenile court and in adult court. My preference in all cases is to argue that the minor should remain in juvenile court, but sometimes that is not possible. In those cases, I am ready to work hard to make sure a mistake early on does not become a black mark on the young person’s record for the rest of their life.

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