Need To Fight Murder Changes In cook Country ?

Chicago Murder Defense Lawyer

In our society, being charged with murder is perhaps the most serious of all criminal charges. Convictions can bring lengthy prison terms up to and including life in prison.

Murder charges are broken into first-degree murder, which involves premeditation on the part of the defendant, and second-degree murder which is an intentional killing that is not premeditated or planned.

While this can be an emotionally intense and lengthy process, there are several possible ways to introduce reasonable doubt into a case to help defendants gain their freedom.

The most common defense that is employed in a courtroom is self-defense. A defendant may be able to show they needed to use deadly force because they were in fear for their own life, as long as they did not instigate the threatening situation. Self-defense must also be used in the same proportion as the threat being made. For example, if a person only shouts insults, then the use of deadly force would be an over-compensation as a response.

Self-defense can also apply to the defense of others. One possible scenario is if you are a parent, and a spouse threatens the lives of your children, then you may be able to use this as a viable defense strategy.

Another defense strategy that I might use is mistaken identity. In some cases, the wrong person may be charged with murder. If I can introduce a supportable alibi and show that evidence places the defendant somewhere other than at the scene of the crime during the time the crime was committed, this can create enough reasonable doubt to find them innocent.

In other cases, a killing committed by accident will not support a charge of murder and may result in a lesser charge of manslaughter. As long as there is not an intentional act attached to the death, murder charges will not be appropriate.

Certain cases involve defending law enforcement officials who kill someone in the course of their duties. If there is no unlawful intent and the officer did not act recklessly or with negligence, then in many instances, this qualifies as a justifiable homicide.

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