Drug Crimes Attorney in Chicago and Cook County

Drug Possession and Drug Delivery Lawyer

If you or a person that you love have been arrested on state or federal drug possession charges, Chicago drug possession Lawyer, David M. Smith, can help you defend yourself in a court of law to help preserve your rights and liberties.

The Law Office of David M. Smith is based in Chicago, Illinois, and also services the areas of Naperville, Joliet, Aurora, and Cook County. As a skilled drug possession attorney, David has developed a reputation for his professionalism and skill in providing a case to fight the drug crimes charges that his clients face.

Drug possession charges, depending on the quantity and type of drug, carry progressively heavier punishments that can completely derail the lives of our clients. David approaches each case with all the expertise and care needed to develop a solid defense, whether it be a state or federal case. The main idea is to fight keeping your best interests in mind!

David M. Smith, Attorney at Law, is also a skilled drug delivery attorney. These charges are harsher than possession charges in the state of Illinois. As with possession or distribution charges, the first thing you want to do is contact a drug delivery lawyer. You need a lawyer that you can trust to help navigate you through the complex defense process and guide you towards the best possible outcome. With heavy financial fines, incarceration, and felony charges on the line, you have a lot to lose without finding someone with David M. Smith’s knowledge and experience on your side.

If taken to the federal level, you were likely charged with distributing schedule I narcotic substances, such as heroin or cocaine, and are now facing very long prison sentences. All too often, families are destroyed, livelihoods are crushed, and the potential for prison are marred by distinct felony charges. There is no reason you shouldn’t find someone who knows how to fight for you and fight for your future.

Contact drug possession and drug delivery lawyer David M. Smith today and get started on building the most important defense of your life - your future depends on it!