A Chicago DUI Lawyer You Can Trust

There are four distinct stages to face when you take the risk of driving under the influence. You are caught, you can petition for your license, you go to trial, and you face sentencing. This process is no walk in the park and is best approached with the support of a driving under the influence attorney who has experience that will best serve your needs.

In some instances, individuals who have been charged with DUI are in need of a DUI lawyer because they have an issue with the first stage of the process. Police officers are humans too, and they are capable of making mistakes. If you feel you were wrongfully charged with DUI, I, David M. Smith, Attorney at Law, will fight for you by presenting the case for your innocence.

If you did get charged with a DUI, and you are trying to get through the process as smoothly and quickly as possible, then I can step in and help you through all four stages. You have a limited amount of time after your arrest to apply for your suspension to be rescinded. You might also be able to apply for a Monitoring Device Driving Permit, which is vital for you to maintain the ability to drive yourself to and from work. As your driving under the influence attorney, I will present you and your particular case in a way that will help you defend your rights and privileges no matter how the decision comes down.

DUI charges are criminal charges. The decisions that are made by the court in your case can significantly affect your life, in the short run and the long term. If you are facing such charges, you want to do everything in your power to avoid them from being harsh and unfair, especially if you are innocent.

I have the experience and the skill set that you need to defend your rights and fight for the best possible outcome. Based in Chicago, I offer my DUI lawyer services to the surrounding areas of Naperville, Joliet, Aurora, and Cook County, Illinois. Call me today to find out more about how to take on your case and preserve your reputation as much as possible.