Felony Charges Defense in Chicago and Cook County

David M. Smith: Felony Defense Attorney

David M. Smith, Attorney at Law, specializes in felony defense for clients in need in the City ofChicago, Illinois. If you have been charged with a felony, these are frightening and tense times. Relationships, occupational statuses, and the threat of incarceration are all looming over you or a loved one’s head. There is no better time than now to contact David as your best resource for felony defense, to preserve your future and your rights.

In the state of Illinois, felonies are considered to be criminal offenses and are punishable by at least one year or more in prison and $25,000 or more in fines. The punishments are harsh due to the extreme seriousness of such offenses. There are different categories of felonies, each carrying different punishments. Felony defense attorney David M. Smith will help you understand where your charge fits in and how you can best develop a defense against those accusations.

A class four felony charge typically comes with offenses such as possession of controlled substances and continued convictions for crimes such as theft or battery. Unlawful use of a weapon is another class four felony and these charges are usually met with prison sentences of 1-3 years. Probation is a possible alternative.

A class three felony charge is usually met with a 2-5 year prison, with probation as a possible alternative. Such crimes are aggravated assault, theft of amounts more than $300.00, and failure to register as a sex offender.

A class two felony can be met with 3-7 years in prison for crimes such as burglary or theft of amounts valued over $10,000. Aggravated battery against a law enforcement officer is also an example and probation is dependent upon the criminal record of the accused.

A class one felony charge brings a heavier prison sentence of 4-15 years for possession of large quantities of controlled substances, discharging a firearm with malicious intent, theft of over $1,000,000 and more.

Class X felonies charges can bring 6-30 year prison sentences - not eligible for probation - for crimes such as murder, assault of a minor, major theft, and criminal sexual assault.

Murder charges are faced with 20 - 60 year prison sentences if brought to trial and convicted.

As you can see, the punishments that fit these crimes are severe. Do not hesitate to get the protection you need to defend your rights, your livelihood, and your future. Whether you need a battery attorney or a felony defense attorney for something far more intense, contact David M. Smith, Attorney at Law immediately and begin the path to protecting your best interests! David is based in Chicago, Illinois, but also offers his services in Naperville, Joliet, Aurora, and Cook County.